Fast San Jose Emergency Plumbing Services, 24/7

Were you awakened in the middle of night to the sound of your toilet overflowing? Did your water heater suddenly stop working, surprising you with a cold shower first thing in the morning? Plumbing emergencies are not something that is pleasant to deal with. This is why you need an emergency plumber in San Jose on speed dial to help you out in situations like these.

San Jose Action Plumbing Pros has been assisting the community with emergency plumbing repairs for nearly a quarter of a century. Our industry certified plumbing specialists know that it is mission critical to get to your home or office as soon as a plumbing emergency strikes. When you call our offices, we will dispatch a plumber to your location right away. We don’t delay in making the repairs you need!

Outstanding Service at Unbeatable Prices

Why do so many people choose to live with plumbing that doesn’t work properly? The answer usually has something to do with money. Nine times out of 10, a plumbing emergency strikes when your bank account is low and payday is still a week away. We understand that not everyone has large cash reserve tucked under their mattress or stashed in their sock drawer for these types of emergencies, but we don’t want that to stop you from calling for plumbing repairs. In fact, the longer you wait to make that call the more likely it is that your repair costs will be greater.

As your number one emergency plumber in San Jose, we have made it our mission to offer high-quality plumbing repairs at prices that make sense for our customers. Our affordable rates and flexible payment plans, make it possible for you to fix your broken water heater, inoperable toilet, or obstructed sewer line today!

Honest and Professional Service in 90 Minutes or Less

When your sink starts spraying water uncontrollably, you need help now! Not three hours later when you walls and floor are soaked. Call us 24 hours a day, every day of the week for fast emergency response and unbeatable leak detection. Within 90 minutes of your initial phone call, one of our local, licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers will be knocking on your door with their toolbox in hand and a friendly, reassuring smile on their face. Let us be your hero in the middle of the night!

Call us today to find out why we are the top 24-hour plumbing company in town!